Before You Begin – Information to Have On Hand

Have your student begin gathering up the following information before ever sitting down to begin their admissions application – it will greatly simplify the process:

• High School Coursework: The dates on which you began and ended (or will end) your high school career and the dates on which you began and ended any previous college or university attendance. A copy of your most recent transcript is very helpful here. The Registrar’s Office at most high schools will provide you a copy for a minimal fee (or even free in some schools). DO NOT ask for this while they are in the process of registering new students.  You will lose favor in the eyes of these wonderful people – trust me here, you don’t want to lose favor in your Registrar’s or Counselor’s Offices – you will need them throughout senior year.

• Senior-Year Coursework: For entering U.S. freshmen, the exact titles and credit values of high school courses you are taking and will be taking during your senior year (also called your senior-year course schedule)

• Service Work / Club Information / Activities / Awards Information: Counselors are looking for well-rounded students, not just students with perfect grades. These sections allow your senior to show how they fit in their high school environment.

• Employment Information: Include details for past employment for the last two to four  years.


About wagnerjb2011

Retired systems analyst and retired volunteer. For 12 years I volunteered at the International School of Hamburg (Germany) and in various schools in Texas. My first child, a son, graduated high school in 2009. I had an excellent mentor going into his senior year, who gave me wonderful advice about navigating the college application process. I again found this information quite handy as our second child, a daughter, found herself filing applications in 2011. Both made it into the schools of their choosing without much trepidation. I am a firm believer in paying things forward. So there you have it!
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